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Understanding Your Brain Injury

Have you or your loved one suffered a brain injury, stroke, or another neurological condition that is impacting cognitive functioning?
We can help.

Family Caregivers

Caring for aging parents suffering from memory decline and functional limitations can be a challenge. Neurological issues could impact their ability to live independently.
We can help.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Neuropsychological Evaluations are extensive and highly specialized assessments of an individual’s cognitive (brain/thinking) abilities. Testing consists of objective standardized tests that detect certain brain-based conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. This type of assessment is appropriate for anyone that either suspects that he/she is suffering cognitive decline due to a  neurological disorder or has sustained any type of trauma to the head/brain, including concussions.

Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational Assessments are appropriate if your child is struggling in school and/or if he or she is suspected of having a disorder, such as ADHD or a Learning Disability. Testing for Gifted placement and special accommodations for exams such as SAT, GRE, MCAT and LSAT are also available.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluations are most commonly done for children that are displaying problematic behaviors in the home and/or at school. Recommendations for treatment are made based on the testing results.

Our Practice

Center for Advanced Neuropsychology is located in the heart of Broward County, in Davie, Florida with satellite offices in Boca Raton and Miami, Florida. Center for Advanced Neuropsychology is a full-service neuropsychology and psychology practice dedicated to providing comprehensive consultation, evaluation, and treatment planning services that integrate research-based knowledge, the most up-to-date and relevant assessment materials, and practical “real world” interventions and recommendations.

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